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Map of the Venue:

Odessa National Polytechnic University Shevchenka Ave, 1 Hotel Ekaterina II Katerynyns`ka Square, 7 Orange Hotel Hrets`ka Street, 1a «Ayvazovsky» Hotel Bunina Street, 19 Black Sea Hotel Rishelievska Street, 59 Odesskiy Dvorik Uspenska Street, 19 Black Sea Otrada Vitse-Admirala Azarova Street, 1 Ark Palace Hotel Henuez'ka Steet, 1Б Arcadia Hotel Henuez'ka Street, 24

Time zone:

UTC / GMT +3 hours.

Mobile operators: Climate:

Odessa has a temperate climate, resulting in relatively warm autumn. The mean daily temperature in beginning of September usualy is 22–27 °C. It is generally quite dry in September.

Credit Cards:

Credit cards are widely used in Ukraine and all Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.


In Ukraine, the local currency is the hryvnia (UAH).

Exchange rates vary daily. You can check the latest values here.

Frequent travellers find it most convenient to withdraw cash using ATMs, where the exchange rate is most favourable, rather than exchanging money at the airport. Confirm with your own bank that your ATM card will work. Inform them in advance of your travel plans, so that your access should be simple. Check with your bank for any cost associated with using the ATM network while in Ukraine. There may be a foreign transaction fee in addition to the regular bank fee. If you want to exchange your currency in Ukraine, a bank is the best place to change currency.

Electricity Supply:

In Ukraine, the use of Euroset (Europlug, type C). Electrical current is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). You are advised to purchase the appropriate adapters in advance. These are available at most airports.

Emergency Numbers: The fire, ambulance and police services in Ukraine are all contactable via the above numbers. When calling emergency services you will be asked to provide: Try and stay calm and listen to the call taker’s instructions. It is also important to keep your own phone on as the emergency service may need to contact you for further information.


Smoking is prohibited in the general workplace, enclosed public places, restaurants, bars, cafes, education facilities, healthcare facilities and public transport. It is legal to smoke outdoors.


Travellers from some countries may need visas. A list of countries whose citizens need a visa to visit Ukraine can be found via this link,.