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The conference will be held in a hybrid format. You can join us in a Conference Hall at Odessa Polytechnic National University or Virtual Hall.

Google Meet is used for InterPartner Virtual Hall. You can use a browser version or a mobile application.


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Ukrainian time (GMT+3) is used for all sessions.

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InterPartner-2023 will be broadcasted via the YouTube channel of the IATDI. Please visit the following link You can subscribe to the channel and be notified regarding the planned sessions


Day 1 – September 5, 2023 – Tuesday
0:00 – 23:59Day of Arrival
Day 2 – September 6, 2023 – Wednesday
9:30 – 10:00Registration
10:00 – 10:15Opening Ceremony
10:15 – 11:30Keynote Session
11:30 – 11:40Technical Break
11:40 – 13:00Session 1 – Manufacturing Processes I
13:00 – 14:00Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15Session 2 – Manufacturing Processes II
15:15 – 15:25Technical Break
15:25 – 17:30Session 3 – Manufacturing Technology and Machining Processes
18:00 – 22:00Gala Dinner
Day 3 – September 7, 2023 – Thursday
10:00 – 11:15Session 4 – Design Engineering and Production Planning
11:15 – 11:25Technical Break
11:25 – 13:00Session 5 – Advanced Materials I
13:00 – 14:00Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15Session 6 – Mechanical Engineering I
15:15 – 15:25Technical Break
15:25 – 17:00Session 7 – Quality Assurance
Day 4 – September 8, 2023 – Friday
10:00 – 11:15Session 8 – Advanced Materials II
11:15 – 11:25Technical Break
11:25 – 13:00Session 9 – Mechanical Engineering II
13:00 –14:00Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15Session 10 – Process Engineering
15:15 – 15:45Closing Ceremony

Day 1: September 5, 2023, Tuesday

0:00 – 23:59 Day of Arrival

Odessa is the third most populous city of Ukraine and a major tourism center, seaport, and transport hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. It is also a multiethnic cultural center. Odessa is sometimes called the "Pearl of the Black Sea", the "South Capital", and "Southern Palmyra".

In 1794, the city of Odessa was founded by a decree of the Russian empress Catherine the Great. From 1819 to 1858, Odessa was a free port. During the Soviet period, it was the most important port of trade in the Soviet Union and a Soviet naval base. On 1 January 2000, the Quarantine Pier at Odessa Commercial Sea Port has been declared a free port and free economic zone for 25 years.

Odessa’s historical architecture is Mediterranean than more Russian, having been heavily influenced by French and Italian styles. Some buildings are built in a mixture of different styles, including Art Nouveau, Renaissance, and Classicist.



Odessa is a warm-water port. The city of Odessa hosts both the Port of Odessa and Port Yuzhne, a significant oil terminal situated in the city's suburbs. Another notable port, Chornomorsk, is located in the same region, to the southwest of Odessa. Together they represent a major transport hub integrating with railways. Odessa's oil and chemical processing facilities are connected to European networks by strategic pipelines.

Day 2: September 6, 2023, Wednesday

9:30 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 – 10:15 Opening Ceremony

Volodymyr Tonkonogyi

General Chair of the Conference

Gennadii Oborskyi

Rector of Odessa Polytechnic National University

Vitalii Ivanov

Co-Chair of the Conference

10:15 – 11:30 Keynote Session

Chair: Volodymyr Tonkonogyi

Odessa Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Unlocking Industry 4.0 and the Digital Single Market: Navigating Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Slawomir Luscinski

Kielce University of Technology, Poland

Intelligent Mechatronic Mechanisms – New Opportunities in Engineering and Technology

Vasily Larshin

Odessa Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

11:30 – 11:40 Technical Break
11:40 – 13:00 Session 1 – Manufacturing Processes I

Chair: Oleh Onysko

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ukraine

Design of an Operator Interface for Controlling the Installation of Ion-Plasma Deposition

Kateryna Kirkopulo, Vladimir Tonkonogyi, Vladimir Litvinov, Alla Toropenko and Predrag Dasic

Mathematical Modeling of Thermomechanical Phenomena in Machining of Products Made of Functionally Graded Materials

Maksym Kunitsyn, Anatoly Usov and Yulia Sikirash

Optimization of Cutting Modes During Sustainable Machining of Products Based on Economic Criteria

Yaroslav Kusyi, Olha Kostiuk, Andrii Kuk, Aldo Attanasio and Paola Cocca

Fractal Dimension Using the Acoustic Infrared Thermal Method of Inspection of Non-Metallic Heterogeneous Materials

Volodymyr Tonkonogyi, Maryna Holofieieva, Oleksandr Levynskyi, Sergii Klimov and Raul Turmanidze

Modeling of Vibrational-Centrifugal Strengthening for Functional Surfaces of Machine Parts

Vadym Stupnytskyy, Yaroslav Kusyi, Egidijus Dragašius, Saulius Baskutis and Rafal Chatys

13:00 – 14:00 Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15 Session 2 – Manufacturing Processes II

Chair: Yaroslav Kusyi

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Calculation of the Accuracy of the Drill-String NC13 Thread Profile Turned from Difficult-to-Machine Steel

Oleh Onysko, Volodymyr Kopei, Vasyl Vytvytskyi, Viktor Vriukalo and Tetiana Lukan

Features of Magnesium Alloy Protection Technologies in Die Casting

Oleg Stalnichenko, Tatiana Lysenko, Oleksii Shamov, Kyryll Kreitser and Evgeny Kozishkurt

Improved Methods for Diagnosing an Autotransformer with a Defect in a High- Voltage Bushing

Sergey Zaitsev, Victor Kishnevsky, Gennadii Oborskyi, Valentin Tikhenko and Aleksandr Volkov

Evaluation of Dust Concentration Using Computer Measurement Technologies

Gennadii Oborskyi, Vladimir Gugnin, Liudmyla Perperi, Ganna Goloborodko and Volodymyr Goloborodko

15:15 – 15:25 Technical Break
15:25 – 17:30 Session 3 – Manufacturing Technology and Machining Processes

Chair: Vitalii Ivanov

Sumy State University, Ukraine

The Multifractal Analysis of Periodic Surface Relief of Parts after Face Milling

Nataliia Balytska, Vyacheslav Kryzhanivskyy, Petro Melnychuk, Heorhii Vyhovskyi and Pavel Moskvin

Quaternion Model of Workpieces Orienting Movements in Manufacturing Engineering and Tool Production

Irina Cherepanska, Artem Sazonov, Dmytro Melnychuk, Petro Melnychuk and Yuriy Khazanovych

Regularities of Oscillations During Turning and End Milling

Serhiy Dyadya, Yuriy Vnukov, Olena Kozlova and Pavlo Trishyn

An Impact of the Cutting Fluid Supply on Contact Processes During Drilling AISI 321 Stainless Steel

Eshreb Dzhemilov, Eskender Bekirov, Alper Uysal, Ruslan Dzhemalyadinov

Load Parameters of the Gear Machining by Power Skiving and Their Influence on the Machining System

Ihor Hrytsay, Vadym Stupnytskyy, Andrii Slipchuk and Jan Ziobro

Integrated Process Model for Development and Manufacturing of Customized Orthopedic Implants

Vitalii Pasichnyk, Svitlana Burburska, Yuliia Lashyna and Volodymyr Korenkov

Wear of Oval and Round Calibers Rolls of High-Speed Wire Block

Maksym Shtoda

Day 3: September 7, 2023, Thursday

10:00 – 11:15 Session 4 – Design Engineering and Production Planning

Chair: Justyna Trojanowska

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Influence of the Shape of Bevel Gear Wheel Bodies on Their Deformability

Influence of the Shape of Bevel Gear Wheel Bodies on Their Deformability

Influence of the Shape of Bevel Gear Wheel Bodies on Their Deformability

Leonid Kozlov, Viktor Bilichenko, Andrii Kashkanov, Artem Tovkach and Vadym Kovalchuk

Leonid Kozlov, Viktor Bilichenko, Andrii Kashkanov, Artem Tovkach and Vadym Kovalchuk

Olexiy Pavlenko, Dmitriy Muzylyov and Vitalii Ivanov

Optimization of the Lifting Machines’ Hoisting Mechanism Design Scheme

Volodymyr Semenyuk, Oleksandr Vudvud and Valeriy Lingur

3D Reconstruction of a Virtual Building Environment

Ihor Tytarenko, Ivan Pavlenko and Stella Hrehova

11:15 – 11:25 Technical Break
11:40 – 13:00 Session 5 – Advanced Materials I

Chair: Khrystyna Berladir

Sumy State University, Ukraine

The Wear Resistance During Oscillating Friction of Steel Specimens with Strengthened Nanocrystalline Layers

Ihor Hurey, Volodymyr Gurey, Tetyana Hurey, Marian Bartoszuk and Weronika Wojtowicz

Temperature Field Behavior on Plate Width at Thermomechanical Rolling of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steel at the Steckel Mill

Volodymyr Kukhar, Oleksandr Kurpe and Khrystyna Malii

Effects of Optimized Laser-Ultrasonic Surface Hardening Parameters on Residual Stress and Structure-Phase State of Medium-Carbon Steel

Dmytro Lesyk, Bohdan Mordyuk, Silvia Martinez, Vitaliy Dzhemelinskyi and Aitzol Lamikiz

Mathematical Modeling of Technological Regulations of Furnace Equipment for Carbon Graphite Electrode Production

Serhii Leleka, Anton Karvatskii, Ihor Mikulionok, Olena Ivanenko and Iryna Omelchuk

13:00 – 14:00 Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15 Session 6 – Mechanical Engineering I

Chair: Alper Uysal

Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Experimental Study of Longevity in the Metallic Structure of Boom for a Portal Crane of Seaport

Liubov Bovnegra, Andrey Pavlyshko, Oleksiy Nemchuk, Viktor Strelbitskyi and Isak Karabegovich

The Influence of Mass Absorption and Technological Damage of Concrete on the Contact Strength During the Restoration of Buildings and Structures

Vitaliy Dorofeev, Hanna Zinchenko, Maryna Holofieieva, Natalia Pushkar and Stanislav Fic

Influence of the Radius of Curvature of the Teeth on the Geometric and Functional Parameters of the Rotors of the Planetary Hydraulic Motor

Sergey Kiurchev, Volodymyr Kyurchev, Aleksandr Fatyeyev, Irina Tynyanova and Krzysztof Mudryk

Assessment of the Life Cycle Cost and Improvement of the Parametric Series of Torque-Flow Pumps

Vladyslav Kondus, Mykola Sotnyk, Andriy Sokhan, Serhii Antonenko and Volodymyr Rybalchenko

15:15 – 15:25 Technical Break
15:25 – 17:00 Session 7 – Quality Assurance

Chair: Katarzyna Antosz

Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland

Experimental Studies on the Form Error Effect of the Part Mounting Surface on the Strength Quality Parameter of the Interference Fit Joints

Oleksandr Kupriyanov, Roman Trishch, Dimitar Dichev and Hanna Hrinchenko

Improvement of Professional Competence of General Education Teachers for Engineering Curriculum

Olena Titova, Petro Luzan, Tetiana Ishchenko, Maryna Kabysh and Dmytro Homeniuk

Modeling of Thermal and Dynamic Conditions of Intermittent Grinding, Affecting the Quality Parameters of the Surface Layer of Machined Parts

Alexey Yakimov, Liubov Bovnegra, Kateryna Kirkopulo, Yuliia Babych and Viktor Strelbitskyi

Standardization of Scanning Protocols and Measurements for Additive Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Aleksandr Kokhanov, Igor Prokopovich, Tetiana Sikach, Irina Dyadyura, Isak Karabegovich

Study of the Scaling Effect of Cutting Elements of the Abrasive Wheels’ Discretized Working Surface on Geometric and Physical-Mechanical Parameters of the Surface Layer Quality of Ground Parts

Oleksii Yermolenko, Fedir Novikov, Alexey Yakimov, Yuliia Babych and Alla Toropenko

Day 4: September 8, 2023, Friday

10:00 – 11:15 Session 8 – Advanced Materials II

Chair: Oleg Zabolotnyi

Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine

Structure and Thermal Stability of Vacuum Cu-Mo Condensates

Valentyn Riaboshtan, Anatoly Zubkov, Maria Zhadko, Edward Zozulya and Olena Rebrova

Organization of the Structure of Composite Construction Materials and the Impact on the Characteristics of Concrete

Hanna Zinchenko, Vitaliy Dorofeev, Natalia Pushkar, Igor Myronenko and Stanislav Fic

Numerical Evaluation of the Properties of Highly Efficient Titanium Porous Materials

Oleksandr Povstyanoy, Nataliya Imbirovich, Rostyslav Redko, Olha Redko and Pavlo Savaryn

Structure and Mechanical Properties of V, Nb-Added TRIP-Assisted Steel after Q&P Treatment with Near Ac3 Austenitization

Vadym Zurnadzhy, Yuliia Chabak, Vasily Efremenko, Alexey Efremenko and Maria Podobova

11:15 – 11:25 Technical Break
11:25 – 13:00 Session 9 – Mechanical Engineering II

Chair: Volodymyr Gurey

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Method of Assessing the Optimality of the Mechanical Characteristics of Foams

Olena Mikulich

Numerical Simulation of the Natural Frequencies Dependence of Turbine Blade Vibrations on Single-Crystal Anisotropy

Yevhen Nemanezhyn, Gennadiy Lvov and Yuriy Torba

Experimental Studies of the Wear on the Rotors’ Working Surfaces of a Planetary Hydraulic Motor

Anatolii Panchenko, Angela Voloshina, Roman Antoshchenkov, Ivan Halych and Szymon Głowacki

The Form of a Spiral Spring in a Free State

Serhii Pylypaka, Vyacheslav Hropost, Tetiana Kresan, Tatiana Volina and Volodymyr Vasyliuk

Computer Modeling of Casting Processes for Centrifugal Pump Parts

Khrystyna Berladir, Tetiana Hovorun and Jozef Zajac

13:00 – 14:00 Time for Lunch
14:00 – 15:15 Session 10 – Process Engineering

Chair: Ivan Pavlenko

Sumy State University, Ukraine

Energy Efficiency of Combined Heating Systems Based on Heat Pumps for Private Residential Buildings under the Climatic Conditions of Ukraine

Dmytro Konovalov, Halina Kobalava, Mykola Radchenko, Maxim Karpoff and Yuriy Shapovalov

Using the Similarity Theory in Designing Vibroconveyor Dryer for Grain

Igor Palamarchuk, Vladislav Palamarchuk, Mikhailo Mushtruk, Evgenii Shtefan and Ievgenii Petrychenko

Energy Characteristics of the Oil Vortex Chamber Supercharger

Andrii Rogovyi, Serhiy Lukianets, Sergey Krasnikov, Iryna Hrechka and Oleksandr Shudryk

Numerical Simulation of a Modified Nozzle for Cold Spraying

Oleksandr Shorinov, Andrii Volkov, Anatolii Dolmatov and Kostyantyn Balushok

15:15 – 15:45 Closing Ceremony

Chair: Volodymyr Tonkonogyi

General Chair of the Conference

Advanced Manufacturing Processes V

Selected contributions of InterPartner-2023 will be published in Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering series (ISSN 2195-4356), Springer Nature under the title "Advanced Manufacturing Processes V". The books of this series are indexed by Scopus and EI Compendex, as well as submitted to the Web of Science Core Collection (Conference Proceedings Citation Index).


  • Volodymyr Tonkonogyi, Odessa Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
  • Vitalii Ivanov, Sumy State University, Ukraine
  • Justyna Trojanowska, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  • Gennadii Oborskyi, Odessa Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
  • Ivan Pavlenko, Sumy State University, Ukraine

The direct link to the book is: