About Odessa Polytechnic National University

The university history started on September 18, 1918. Over years of its existence Odessa Polytechnic National University launched into professional life thousands of youth. Among its graduates are many talented engineers, scientists, heads of scientific organizations and universities, top management staff at different industries, as well as political actors.


Today the university represents a huge training center of high-qualification personnel in the south Ukraine. The Odessa Polytechnic National University figures among 14 Ukrainian universities, members of the European Universities Association, as well as among four Ukrainian universities, members of International Universities Association.

Odessa Polytechnic National University created a "polytechnic university" complex consolidating licea, high schools, colleges, and technical schools of the whole southern Ukraine region. 20,000 of students, graduate employees, post-graduate students are trained here, the process being effected by 4,000 lecturers, researchers and practical engineers. There are 57 academicians and corresponding members of both special Ukraine Academies of Science, more than 120 professors and Doctors of sciences, almost 450 senior lecturers, Ph.D., 21 honoured workers of Science and Engineering of Ukraine, honoured worker of the National Education of Ukraine, 13 academicians of international academies.


To see more about Odessa Polytechnic National University please follow this link: https://op.edu.ua/en.